CHITALE & SON was founded by L.M. CHITALE in 1932 to render professional services in the areas of Planning and Architecture, with related services. Presently, a partnership firm with S.L.Chitale and Kapil Chitale as partners. From the outset the primary goal was to provide designs that fulfil the Client's aspirations with aesthetically pleasing solutions that are both functionally responsive and economically efficient. The firm has grown into an enclave of professional expertise in : Architecture, Landscap Design, Interior Design, and urban planning.

The firm's organisation is structured around the studio concept. Each project is served by a team of Architect and other technical staff catering to the specific requirements of the Client, remaining in close contact from the conception to the completion of the project. This approach offers the Client the responsiveness and personal touch of a small practice without limiting the benefits of larger resources.

State of the art Software and Hardware in the production, analysis and presentation of designs help to meet the ever growing demands of contemporary clientele. A continuously updated and thoroughly comprehensive information library, forms the basis of our design solutions.

Above all, our single minded quest for excellence in integrity of design and pursuit for perfection in execution has been the guiding force behind the firm's growth to its present level of professionalism.

It is our motto, to design within the social umbrella of climatic and cultural differences, while remaining sensitive to traditional values. We take advantage of the Green technological advances to create buildings of lasting value.

Since successful Architecture must respond to the internal forces of a building programme as well as the external forces of its context, the firm does not design buildings according to the dictates of a particular house style. We believe that every building should have its own identity created by a simple and expressive Architecture corresponding to its specific functions and location.

With Eight decades of experience, the firm works in a spirit of total independence from all commercial and industrial interests. This is only due to long lasting relationships with our Clients.